Tattoo fails come in all shapes and sizes. Some are misspelled words, some are flat-out ugly. While others are a case of bad judgment. So, where do streetwear logos fall into the category of ink that should never been etched?

Well, it depends where the logo is placed. And, if its on your forehead, for everyone to see, you might want to think twice before you hit up your local "artist."

Pusha T went to Instagram, and didnt put a fan on blast, but actually big-upped a kid who got the Play Cloths "Running Jack" logo tatted across his forehead. Of course, this isn't the kid's first facial tattoo; it sits proudly next to a Ferrari logo between his eyebrows and and a Chanel logo on his left cheek.

However, in Pusha's words: "You sir are a king!! Anyone who tells u different is a liar and there mother didn't want them at birth..."

We're all for Play Cloths. It's a dope brand, and this logo, if you had to choose any, is probably a more secure option than Greedy Genius. We just want to hear the kid's thoughts in 10-15 years.

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[via kingpush]