Buying off-the-rack is not enough for shoppers with exclusive tastes. If you want to step your style up a notch, everyone knows that bespoke is the way to go. It doesn’t get more personal than a suit or shoe especially tailored for you.

California brand B:Scott is all about handmade goods with its new line “ONE on ONE”. The line offers custom bags and shoes suited for your personal needs. These aren’t just regular bags you'd find at your mass-market retailer. Each piece is personally made by the finest craftsmen in Los Angeles. Like all masterpieces, these items are not finished in a day. The bags take upwards of three weeks to finish, and the shoes can take at least a month’s time.

There are three styles of each to choose from, and customers can request their own modifications. To get a better idea of how each piece is made, bespoke shoemaker Raul Ojeda and B:Scott designer Brandon Scott break down the process in the video above. To get your own personal handmade piece, visit the Scott x Scott shop to purchase.