24. Michelle Bachmann Billboard by Guerrilla Girls, 2012

As they say on their website, Guerrilla Girls are reinventing the "F" word... Feminism! This band of outspoken ladie has created a number of incredible works to advance awareness about women. In an interview with The Huffington Post last year, two members described their election season work featuring Michelle Bachmann: "We have a pro-same sex marriage billboard in Minneapolis in which Michelle Bachmann in an election rally made the proclamation that everyone had the same civil rights. When she was questioned as to whether gay people could get married she said, 'Yes, they have the same civil rights as everyone else... To get married to someone of the opposite sex.' So we used part of that statement along with an equal sign on her lips." The billboard is no feat or innovation of graphic design or appropriation, but it does get people talking about the political figures at hand, the issues they handle, and the manner in which they handle them. But from buzz surrounding the billboard's contents and their makers, its obvious that the American population has a very long way to go.

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