As you may know, an unfinished version of the video for Kanye West's single "Black Skinhead" leaked. It contained plenty of dark CGI visuals that had people excited--however the Yeezus maker wasn't too pleased. Kanye went on Twitter and went, well, Kanye on everyone, dropping the f-bomb on whoever leaked the album (though if you were working on a project with Nick Knight that leaked, you'd go Bobby Boucher too).

However, a new video made by a dude named David Fuenz may make Kanye feel better. The story goes that Fuenz, who is a copywriter, was taking a boring train ride from Stockholm to Copenhaden. He decided to devote his free time to Kanye by creating illustrations of the lyrics in "Skinhead," drawing them in a moleskin notebook. And thus, “Black Moleskinhead" was born.

You can see the performance of all the drawings above. He vigorously flips through the notebook to match Kanye's flow, creating an interesting video. P.S. We love the Pikachu cameo at 1:48.

[via TheCrosbyPress]

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