It’s that time of the year again where we look at trends that will infiltrate the streets in the future. One can only look at the coolest looks from Paris Fashion Week to stay ahead of what’s hot. However, Mr. Porter took to the streets to see what’s happening right now.

It has recently been reported that athlete's foot medications sales have been rising, and this video shows one of the reasons why.  Plenty of people are going sockless. Sure, it’s a good way to keep cool, but if not done right, you could be stinking up the place.

Another trend spotted on the streets is the tote. While it hasn’t necessarily caught on with the streetwear set, a few in menswear have adopted the look. It's an easy way to avoid unsightly pit stains and a deluge of back sweat caused by backpacks. If you plan to rock go sockless and carry around totes this summer, the video highlights some ways you can rock the look.

[via YouTube