The story behind Stutterheim is that they're from Sweden and make no bullshit raincoats. Rubber, rubber and more rubber—that's basically it. It's a simple concept that lends itself to even simpler silhouettes and designs, which is great when you consider where the world of raincoats is today: for the most part your two options are highly-functional and looking like shit or highly-dope and working like shit. Don't let Stutterheim's basic principles fool you. They're absolutely looking to improve and offer newness moving forward. For S/S 14 they've tapped their signature "Stockholm" hooded jacket in an additional 5 colorways (lime green, orange, blue, burgundy and grey) as well as a lengthened version of their more upscale "Arholma" model. And at the totally acceptable pricepoint of $315, come next spring, there's basically no excuse to be unintentionally wet.