For her performance piece at MoMA in 2010, Marina Abramovic sat silently for 700 hours and stared down anyone who dared to sit across from her. Today, she took three full minutes to tell the first performance art lightbulb joke: "How many hours does a performance artist need to change this lightbulb?"

Not that we don't love her for it. In fact, her blunders make the art goddess seem more down to earth than we could ever imagine. Thanks to the hopefully soon-to-be-realized Marina Abramovic Institute, we see Marina's funny side, and it's the best thing ever.

After a few cringe-worthy false starts Marina finally nails the answer to the joke: "Answer is: I don't know. I was there only six hours." We assume she's talking about Jay Z's six hour performance piece at Pace Gallery where she got down to the rapper's "Picasso Baby."

[via: The Cut]

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