The Madison Square Garden Park Conservancy has presented some innovative art projects in the past, like Orly Genger's Red, Yellow and Blue, and a camera obscura installation by artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. Now, they're back with a trio of sculptures by Italian artist Giuseppe Penone. The 40-foot tall sculptures depicting trees holding stones will stand from September 26 to February 9.

The exhibition, entitled "Ideas of Stone," will highlight works Triplice (Triple) (2011), Idee di pietra – 1303 Kg di luce (Ideas of stone – 1303 Kg of light) (2010), and Idee di pietra – Olmo (Ideas of stone – Elm) (2008). They are all crafted from bronze while the the river stones have been balanced on the branches.

“A tree summarizes in an exemplary way the contrast between two forces: the force of gravity and the weight of life we are part of,” Penone said. “The need and the search for balance, which exists in every living being to counteract the force of gravity, is evident in every step and in every small action of our lives. It is a river stone that appears amid the branches of a tree. A stone suspended amid the branches of a tree, separated from the soil by a structure that is not land and is not air, a stone that lies between the force of gravity and the force of the attraction of light.”

Idee di pietra – 1303 Kg di luce (Ideas of stone – 1303 Kg of light)” (2010)

Idee di pietra – Olmo (Ideas of stone – Elm)” (2008)

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