Swearing off all fuel-based transportation in exchange for pedal pushing power is tough, but finding functional-but-stylish enough clothes for riding is even harder. Surprisingly all it took was a denim brand to enter the scene and change the game a bit. The Levi’s Commuter Series has been a massive success and has grown since its initial introduction. What used to be just a trucker jacket and a pair of 511 jeans is now a full collection of ride-friendly apparel.

The collection returns this fall for its fifth season. A parka, the 504 jeans, a commuter pocket tee, and a commuter work shirt will join the essential trucker jacket and 511 that make up the base of the collection. Of course each is made to help out active riders during their daily commute. Moisture wicking fabric, reflective material, and water resistance details are all there. After wearing these pieces you’ll realize that riding a bike everyday isn’t so bad. Plus all the money you could have been spending on gas can be spent on something else. Check the accompanying video below, and look for the collection on the Levi’s website this fall.