While you sit at your desk counting the clock down, the Internet gods have blessed your boredom with a little gem. If you’ve played a video game in your lifetime, you’re probably very familiar with cheat codes. You press a sequence of buttons on the controller pad, and poof, you magically skip a stage or unlock secret powers.

Well, ShortList Magazine editor Jonathon Pile entered Konami’s well-known cheat combo into Vogue UK’s website and a little surprise came up. No, his fashion knowledge didn’t move up to a level 10 wizard status. Instead, raptors wearing hats started to appear on the screen. The hats can get very random, but you'll always get a raptor streaking across the monitor. So stop everything you’re doing right now and go to Vogue UK’s website and enter Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A on your keyboard and watch some amazing shit go down. Kate Moss will be staring and appreciating your inner nerd.

[via Stylebistro]