There's something to be said about menswear collections that still let you keep your non-corporate mentality. Jardine by Nathan Bogle, one of the initial founders of Rag & Bone, is a solid alternative for people who want to look put-together but hate the idea of dressing like their dad.

The line's fall/winter 2013 collection is full of leather, knits, and layered outerwear, and skimp on the color. But it ensures that you can make this your daily uniform. In just its second season, the brand looks promising and ready to make an impact in a shifting menswear world.

We've seen a "seasonless" approach to clothes in recent times, and while this collection is definitely geared for cold weather, it's not overly winter or fall. It has pieces that you could incorporate into your early spring 'fits, too.

To collection more information on the brand, visit its website.