In quite possibly the only interesting story to emerge from Miami Fashion Week: Swim 2014, Dennis Rodman was spotted sitting front row at the Anna Kosturova/Beach Riot/Lolli Swim/Manglar/Indah show. Models strutted by in revealing bikinis, but the star of the show was definitely Rodman.

"The Worm" and his various facial piercings were seated front and center with his daughter, and exhibited the poise and class the former NBA player is famous for. When he wasn't standing up and dancing, Rodman pounded a Beck's Sapphire while rocking a Cheetah's Gentleman's Club cap and blue nail polish that matched his track pants. 

We have no idea what was going through Rodman's mind as the nearly-nude models strutted by, so just click through the images for one of the NBA's most entertaining players, who continues to bring us joy, confusion, and SMHs.

[via Deadspin]