New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami all have distinct and recognizable elements to their streetwear scenes. For NYC, everything is playing off high fashion right now; L.A. is super chill and laid back, and Miami will always be about bright colors that you can wear to the beach, club, or strip.

Bedford, La Brea, and Biscayne is out of NYC, but it looks to connect the United States of sreetwear into an aesthetic that can rocked by more than just regional stunters. For its first collection, the brand is ready to drop off a collection of tees, tanks, and sweatshirts that play off light-hearted and serious topics—touching on Peanuts, the comic and segregation in America, while also pursuing graphics that relate to the brand's logo.

If you want to see attractive women model the clothes and do awesome and potentially illegal things, watch the video below. Also, you can shop the collection here.