Chilean-Japanese artist Kazuki Guzmán works in atypical mixed media. He often uses food products in his pieces, such as chili sauce on Japanese rice, sculpted chewing gum, and embroidered pork chops. For a series featuring bananas as his canvas, Guzmán punctured the fruit with a needle to create a portrait and a series of Louis Vuitton logos. Overtime, the holes darkened to revealed graphics that seem to be printed on the bananas' surfaces.

Discussing his inspiration, Guzmán says, "The notion of ‘play’ is at the core of my art practice. I enjoy taking jokes seriously, until they become ‘art’ in one way or another. My artworks are often the accidental outcome of playful interactions between the materials and myself. I equally enjoy allowing my materials to define the context of my artwork, and conversely, the challenge of letting the context of my work dictate the material execution."

[via PSFK]

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