Barbie is known for having incredibly unrealistic measurements. If she were life-sized she'd have to walk on all fours and would be unable to lift her head. She'd basically look more like a panting dog than a sexy vixen. 

Because of these inaccuracies (with potentially damaging effects on the perception of female beauty), a Pittsburgh, Pa. artist named Nickolay Lamm has designed a more realistic barbie. Named "Average Barbie," the model displays the doll with measurements of an average 19-year-old American girl using data from the CDC. Finally after 63 years of the doll being on the market, there is finally a model true to life.

The Barbie, which is not endorsed by Mattel (hey we have to say it just in case), is shorter and has broader measurements. It also has a noticeably smaller head and thicker neck. The point of the model is to present to young girls an image of body proportions that isn't ridiculous.

“If Barbie looks good as an average woman and even there’s a small chance of Barbie influencing young girls, why can’t we come out with an average sized doll?” Lamm said to TIME. “Average is beautiful.”

This isn't the first project made to bring attention to Barbie's unrealistic image. Recently, Mexican artist Eddi Aguirre drew Barbie without make up and brace-faced:

<span></span> made a wonderful infographic that shoed that Barbie’s feet are so miniature and her ankles so frail that she would have to crawl to get around:

[via Time]

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