The Sincura Group has struck again. The company responsible for selling Banksy's "Slave Labour" art for over $1 million dollars has just taken another section of a wall containing his artwork. 

"No Ball Games" appeared on the side of a shop in Tottenham in 2009 and featured two children playing with signage instead of a real ball. Tony Baxter, director of the Sincura Group said he was approached by an anonymous party to faciliate the sale of the piece, so he had a crew extract it from the wall this week in three parts to be auctioned off, with proceeds going to charity. 

All of this seems very sketchy. No one really "owns" uncommissioned street art, but the owner of the property does have the right to do whatever they want to their walls. So how can someone take it and sell it when it sounds like the shop wasn't involved? Obviously, donating to charity is a good thing, but who is this anonymous do-gooder and how many Banksy pieces will be taken from the people and sold to decorate mansions? 

[via BBC]

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