It has almost been two years since talented singer Amy Winehouse passed away. Her jazz and R&B style inspired fans and musicians alike. Months after she died a compilation album was released called Lioness: Hidden Treasures to give fans more of her, however it isn't likely we will hear more. Salaam Remi, a producer who worked with Winehouse, said "She didn't record like 2Pac, so that's not the case."

We may not have more music from her, however we will be able to celebrate the "Rehab" singer with an exhibition being held at the Jewish Museum in London. The singer's brother, Alex Winehouse, has curated a show that will be held streets away from where she died at the age of 27. Amy Winehouse's clothes, record collection, and dozens of photographs will be on display. It will detail the singer's roots, from her great-great grandparents who left Belarus in the 19th century, to of course, the fame.

Alex said, "This is a snapshot of a girl who was, to her deepest core, simply a little Jewish kid from north London with a big talent who, more than anything, just wanted to be true to her heritage." The museum's chief executive added, "Everyone thinks they know who Amy Winehouse is and they've seen the pictures, but actually she is somebody's little sister.

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