Ummm, so this Finamore x Frans Boone stonewashed shirt is fucking amazing. Go ahead and argue with me, I dare you. I mean, the pattern is basically a goddman lightning bolt. BOOM, there goes your first argument. And the stonewashing? YOW. Let’s be honest, we all talk about how amazing something will look "after years of wear", but you and I both know that you don’t wear any trend or item of clothing long enough for it to get broken in. I bet your fucking denim is still raw, G. You probably sold all your sick EG and Daiki-era WWM 6-7 months ago to afford that new Pataguccinelli and now are selling that to get the new, new EG cause it’s cool again. This shirt would look amazing under a crisp Italian suit. But, like I said, you probably sold that shit too, so wear it on its own, untucked with zero fucks.