Of all of the high-fashion menswear designers in the world, Tom Ford is by far the most fancy schmancy. I don't necessarily mean his clothes are of the highest quality (although they certainly are some of the most expensive), just that the brand conveys unrivaled levels of elitism and opulence. Step into his Madison Avenue flagship and you'll quickly be met by a beautiful woman sitting at a desk, seemingly doing nothing other than acting as some sort of additional decoration to already the lush space—velvet couches, glass tables, flowers and dark wood. As a frequent customer (read: browser), it feels more like a museum or gallery visit than a retail experience with clothes that feel too important or delicate to actually touch. Shit like that makes Tom Ford's new Spring/Summer 2014 collection—boasting an extremely limited offering of patterned silk dinner jackets, vibrant velvet slippers and an all around "fuck you if can't afford this" attitude—so unsurprising. There is a rich, "toned down" blue suit, but honestly, if you're going to buy any Tom Ford next spring, you might as well acquire something ostentatious that let's everyone know you're wearing Tom Ford because, like we said, UNRIVALED LEVELS OF ELITISM AND OPULENCE.