Style is an indelible facet of hip-hop. It's how rappers differentiate themselves. Skills are important, yes, but no MC, no matter how deft on the mic, is worth a second listen unless he or she has a unique and compelling sense of style. Vocal inflection, cadence, flow, creativity with wordplay—these are aspects of style we get from the songs. But equally as important to any hip-hop legacy is style as it relates to fashion.  

Good or bad, iconic moments in fashion are often more memorable than the music. Hip-hop history's heavyweights are as known for their contributions to style as they are for their songs—Slick Rick and his abundant gold chains, LL Cool J's Kangol, Flavor Flav's clock, Run DMC's adidas, Ma$e's shiny suits. Yes, their musical contributions are significant, but when you play the word association game with their names, it's often their signature fashions that come to mind first.

We thank the trendsetters for their hit moments in hip-hop style over the years. And then there are the misses—or the fails, as we affectionately refer to them. Mistakes, lapses in judgement, bad decisions, "what the fuck were you thinking?" moments—they happen to all of us. But when you're in the spotlight, performing at a live event, in a music video, or on the cover of your album, these lapses become unforgivable historical documents. And nothing is more fun than collecting them all in one place for your LOLtastic pleasure. From Lil Wayne's women's jeggings to the Choppa Suit, click through and enjoy The Worst Hip-Hop Fashion Fails of All Time.

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