Hanksy is a street artist who is known for his punderful street art. He has created murals like "Daft Skunk," "Moo-ooves Like Jagger," and "Tron Swanson." He became very popular in April 2011 when he made a work in Soho that was a pun on famed artist Banksy that featured Tom Hanks (which appears above). The work became a viral hit and Hanksy rose into prominence. 

Well, recently Hanksy met the Hollywood star and as you can see from the photo, it was pretty surreal. Hanksy, based in New York, hid his face under a mask with the actor's face on it. Hanks is on Broadway right now performing in “Lucky Guy." Hanksy posted the image on his Tumblr with the caption "Two dudes, one mask." 

Hanks's daughter once interviewed Hanksy about his work. EA Hanks relayed a message from her father: “I don’t know who Hanksy is, but I enjoy his (her?) comments via the semi-chaos of artistic expression.” Maybe we'll see Hanksy on the big screen someday.

[via Artinfo]