If you didn't know, this past Saturday was Global Smurfs Day. Yes that is a thing that exists and it is exciting, so stop making that face you always do. Anyway, people internationally celebrate the adorable creatures with festivities and events. In Rome, they took the occasion very seriously.

The city saw over 4,000 sculptures of Smurfs placed everywhere. You couldn't visit popular tourist pit stops like the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant'Angelo, and Piazza di Spagna without seeing the familiar blue people. It has been deemed as the "blue invasion" and judging from the photos below, that title seems appropriate.

You're still making that face, so you're probably wondering why do the people of Rome care so much about Smurfs. Well it turns out the festivities commemorate a guy named Pierre Culliford, aka Peyo. The Belgian artist created The Smurfs way back when and people like to celebrate his work. Or if you want to be a pessimist, the movie franchise happens to have another installment coming out in September, so it doubles as a great advertising tactic.

[via MyModernMet]