The feud between Marc Jacobs and Kidult continues. In his most recent jab at the designer brand, the graffiti artist took it upon himself to deface the label's Paris storefront with the digits “686”. Of course, this number was in reference to the price at which the Art by Art Jacobs tee featuring the vandal’s last tag was being sold. Now, MJ and team have fired back with a response.

Last night, the official twitter account for Marc Jacobs International tweeted out a photo. In it showed the label’s Paris employees along with Marc Jacobs president Robert Duff dining out with some new “686” apparel on. The crew wore all white caps with the green 686 lettering, and a Art by Art tee’s from last year. The caption also read “"Celebrating @therealkidult in #Paris tonight. Our hats off to you." So who’s the winner here?

On one hand Kidult has truly gotten his name out as a graffiti artist. He has taken the term “getting up” and went from “all city” to all global literally overnight. As for Marc Jacobs, they get some nice press due to poking fun at the whole situation. The job to remove the paint, and print up the T-shirts might have not been free, but the exposure is worth it. The label might have fired a two-piece combo in response, but we’re still going to consider this bout a draw. What's on your score card?

[via The Cut]