Adidas held a contest that allowed a fan to design the new LA Galaxy 2013 third football shirt. Held last summer, LA Galaxy, Herbalife, and Adidas held the application through Facebook. Fans submitted over 8,000 designs and also cast their votes for one of the final five choices. Maybe someone should have intervened.

The Galaxy announced Carlos Rodriguez's design as the winner of the contest. But the kit is unattractive with its hodgepodge assortment of stripes and patches. It looks like what you get if you mix all the flavors available for a 711 slurpee. The intention of the design was to highlight Galaxy's original kit, however the fan who designed the new look said himself that the jersey referenced wasn't considered a standout.

According to Galaxy's website, Rodriguez said, "Though there are certainly some people who might not place that jersey among the nicest LA Galaxy kits throughout the years for its somewhat flamboyant appearance, I have always looked at that jersey as one of the most iconic kits in MLS history."

So basically it's a reimagining of an unpopular shirt. Rodriguez also said that he wanted to give younger fans a chance to experience the jersey because the old one is no longer in production (we wonder why).  The Galaxy will show off the new 3rd kit for Alumni Night on August 17 when the club goes head-to-head with Real Salt Lake.

[via FootballShirtCulture]