In the interview world, there isn't a more thorough and unbiased question-shooter than Charlie Rose. The man also knows a thing or two about style (he wears head-to-toe Ralph Lauren Purple Label every show). Naturally, there wasn't a better journalist than Rose to find out what really has been going on with John Galliano since 2011.

The disgraced fashion designer gave a full-length interview with Vanity Fair since Dior fired him in 2011. But that's print—there's an added element with television, and WWD reports that Rose has Galliano booked for the complete hour on his black backdrop.

The interview has been set up by Galliano's mentor, Oscar de la Renta, who is close friends with Rose. “It seemed like a good platform for John to get his story across,” Liz Rosenberg, Galliano's publicist, told the publication.

Will Galliano come off the hinges, or will this be the time for him to tell a coherent story of his past two years? The show will be taped tomorrow, Wednesday, June 12, but an airing date has yet to be determined. Stay tuned to your local PBS station find out.

[via WWD]