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We told you, James Franco is involved in almost every art exhibit this year. We now have more details of his continued artistic exploration, specifically his new video installation at London's Pace Gallery presented by Scottish artist Douglas Gordon. This time last year, Franco was showing his James Dean inspired exhibit entitled Rebel at MOCA, now the actor turned artist has returned to the locations of the 1960 original Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock and filmed some of the scenes in the role of the leading lady Marion Crane, famously played by Janet Leigh. The name of the multi-media installation is Psycho Nacirema and it blends the horror film with the real-life horrors of the Arbuckle scandal of 1921, in which actor Fatty Arbuckle was charged with the murder of silent film star Virginia Rappe.

We've seen Franco portray a lot of characters in his career, but as far as we know, this is his first attempt at a female role so it should be interesting. In a press release for the exhibit, Franco revealed that some things were changed for his reinterpretation so that the "viewer's relationship with the material changes." One thing that seems to stay the same, at least in the photos above, is the iconic shower scene. Franco appears in a wig and makeup, screaming as he is being stabbed by an unseen assailant. 

The exhibition will be on view at Pace Gallery starting June 6 and ending on July 27.

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