It is no secret that James Franco likes to keep busy. We have told you about the million projects he is engaged in this year, like his solo exhibition at Pace Gallery, group exhibition at Victoria Miro, and his video installation for Paul McCarthy and his son Damon at Hauser & Wirth. Well it turns out his busy lifestyle and nomadic habits have made it impossible to get him into court.

Lawyers have been trying to serve Franco papers in a defamation case for 136 days, Page 6 reports. An NYU professor named Jose Angel Santana is trying to sue the actor because apparently Franco said his teaching sucked after nearly failing a film class in 2011. But the teacher is finding it hard to proceed with legal action. “Franco has hidden from service through a transient lifestyle, layers of security, and virtual places of business with no real address,” lawyer Russell Moriarty said in court documents this month.

Unfortunately for the NYU professor, Franco HAS to be served the papers before anything else happens. A Manhattan Supreme Court Judge made a ruling in April that somehow the actor had to receive the papers or no dice. Allegedly, Franco evaded a messenger in April while filming with Jonah Hill in Brooklyn. “Every time we’ve tried to find him, he hides behind people on the set,” Moriarty continued. “We got within feet of him but couldn’t serve him.”

[via Page6]

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