The summer and all its glory can tempt you to prematurely store away all of your outerwear for the next three months, but what about that one day you're coming home from the office, after a hard day's work, and get caught in a torrential downpour. Now what? You're fucked, right? Not entirely. Mackintosh has been the maker of the most imitated style of amphibious jackets, and the brand doesn't stop when the sun comes out for a couple months. To be honest, the brand's summer offerings might be as good or (or better) than styles that get released throughout the rest of the year.

End Clothing, like always, is two steps ahead of the game, and stocking some of the British brand's jackets right now. We're especially fond of the burgundy option, which we'll be sure to sport through the rest of the year. The e-commerce shop just received a new shipment of the Made in Scotland brand, so head to its website and check the garments out.

[via End Clothing]