As everyone knows, Freddie Mercury was the frontman of the British rock band Queen. Well, an illustrator decided to make Mercury several other different queens. You see, Chuck Knigge has created a series depicting the singer as Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Amidala, Queen Latifah, and several other queens across time. The artist spent nine months creating the works for his upcoming shows in the Pacific Northwest.

Mercury, a major icon in gay history, is very of the moment considering many gay pride celebrations taking place across the country. The illustrator's series will arrive just in time for a pride celebration at St. John Bar and Eatery in Seattle on June 28 and then on to the Fulcrum Gallery in Tacoma on July 12. The paintings will be on sale, along with some prints. A portion of the proceeds of the Seattle show will go towards the It Gets Better Project.

Freddie as Queen of Clubs

Freddie as Queen Latifah

Freddie as Queen Amidala

Freddie as Queen Elizabeth II

[via HuffingtonPost]