The sticky labels produce companies put on fruits can be annoying. They easily fall off, making life for cashiers harder than it already is. The European Union approved in a new ruling the use of chemicals applied with a laser to fresh produce. The chemicals are iron oxides and hydroxides which are put on the skin of the fruit, making the label more visible. The process doesn't penetrate the peel, so there isn't a concern about ruining the fruit.

The tattoos would include information about company branding and geographical origin. It could also include barcodes for cashiers and QR codes that allow customers to scan the fruit to find out more information about what they are consuming. It could open many doors in the future, revolutionizing the way everyone buys food. 

Spanish company Laser Food has developed a system that places the tattoos on the fruit, as many as 54,000 pieces per hour. They claim the tattoos are much more environmentally friendly because it saves paper, plastic, and glue. They also say there are benefits of disclosing to customers all the details about the produce they are buying. We'll see when the law takes effect June 23.

[via Dezeen]