Do you finally have an apartment that isn’t just an Ikea display, except instead of a happy family or a promising young college student, the theme of your in-store display is wasted potential or aggressive self-loathing of destruction? Have you actually hung things on the wall that weren’t passive aggressive notes to messy roommates and half-hearted attempts at "inspiration walls"? Then you probably already have your eyes on some nice throws. You will realize that nice throws and quilts set you apart from your peers. See, ironic bedsheets of ‘90s nostalgia shows like Rocco’s Modern Life are cute and funny up until you turn 20. Then girls will just start to assume you’re a low-key scrub. But fancy quilts from Utility Canvas? That, my friend, lets girls know that one day you might make her happy. Granted, they fail to realize that attention to small interior design details and use of modern fonts does not translate to ever noticing their emotional states and needs. DO THEY WANT AN EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE SLOB OR IMPECCABLY PUT TOGETHER SOCIOPATH? Get it together, ladies.