Representing Montreal, Canada, Dime has been keeping the skate world stoked in 2013 with a steady flow of titillating new product and assorted skate ephemera. Hot off the steamy release of 2012's Turd Season—a skate video everyone should watch multiple times this summer—Vincent Tsang (known elsewhere for his photography skills) and crew have been slowly trickling out new goods. The latest release includes a black version of the iconic Dime logo tee, a white "Dime Ruined My Life" collab tee with JJJJound mastermind Justin R. Saunders aka JRS, and a black 5-panel cap.

It's nice to see a brand with promise keep all projects close to the hip. Too often, hyped brands fizzle out prematurely because of an over-saturated market. But let's hope Dime doesn't holdout too much. If the brand's Instagram is any indication, the future is looking bright.