Del Toro has continued to get better season after season, shoe after shoe. And most impressively, the brand has been able to retain its own identity as an offerer of multiple styles of footwear—not just one particular model. The Miami-based brand stays on point with a strong showing for fall/winter 2013, which it showcased with a brief editorial—highlighting its collection of luxury chukkas and slippers that are still sharp enough for those on their streetwear tip.

There's even a red quilted pair of Alto Chukkas in the mix, these might become a rapper favorite in the upcoming months. It's even complemented by a matching duffel bag, bring an ultimate high-end touch to the brand that first got its rep for well-made slippers and left field ideas and fabrics. Fortunately, these design notions are still evident within the brand's latest work with the availability of Mexican-inspired slippers and a series of micro dot slippers and chukkas.

Visit the brand's e-commerce site for more information.

[via Slam x Hype]