Just what you've always wanted! There is a Kickstarter project currently up for funding that will give you the power to control a cockroach from an app on your smartphone (after the hardware has been installed to the roach). The technology allows you to remotely turn the roach with the swipe of a finger, making it do your evil bidding (insert sardonic laughter)!

Backyard Brains, a startup company of scientists and engineers from Michigan, has created the technology to teach laymen how the "hardware devices and bio-interfaces work" without needing a degree in neuroengineering. They explain that the technology is similar to the tech currently being used in cochlear implants to treat deafness and in Parkinson's disease treatments. Check out the video below for a full explanation: 

The Kickstarter project needs $10,000 by July 10, so if you want to freak someone out at the dinner table you should probably donate soon.

[via AnimalNewYork / Kickstarter]