The freshman year experience is different for everyone. Some might recall gaining more than a couple pounds courtesy of late night snacks and endless cafeteria food. For designer Rav Matharu and his brand Clothsurgeon, the story is a bit different. He had some gains alright, but it was a few devout followers for his startup brand. And you can count big names including A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, and Fabolous in that group.

To celebrate what he’s accomplished so far, the British designer is releasing a special collection appropriately named “My Freshman Year.” In it you will find his interpretations of classic American Sportswear. That means that means the use of lux fabrics to create sports apparel on another level. Truly awesome pieces included football, basketball, hockey, and baseball jerseys that use a combination of lambskin leather, goat suede, and boiled wool. It’s like looking at upgraded cooler versions of Diddy and Mase’s Bad Boy-era leather jerseys from the ‘90s.  

Get up off the bench and visit the Clothsurgeon website to purchase.