Clothsurgeon recently celebrated a successful 1st anniversary and to fully commemorate the event released an accompanying capsule collection titled "My Freshman Year". Centered around heavy athleticwears inspiration, the collection features high-end (read: leather) versions of baseball, hockey and football jerseys. More importantly, is the loose narrative of the story, which is highly-relatable and goes something like this: You're a young man, so naturally your dad wants you to play sports. "Ok, sure Pops," you say, and try out for the school basketball team. You make it, get a sweet varsity jacket and some Amber Rose knock-off girlfriend. Things are going great. Then she dumps you and you blame basketball for tearing you two apart. Your old man "refusing to raise a pussy Nancy boy" makes you play baseball too, but you fucking suck at baseball. Next up is hockey, but ice skating is really hard and you have to carry around a giant bag everywhere. Football will be the answer. Then you get tackled on the first day of practice, breaking your collar bone and your dad's dreams along with it.