Viberg Boots are almost indestructible. So are 3sixteen jeans. Seriously, what goes together better than sturdy boots and raw denim? It's just an ideal combination. Viberg boots are also pretty hard to get your hands on. To make things a little easier, 3sixteen is hosting a pop-up shop, Saturday, June 15 through Tuesday, June 18 at 162 Allen St., NYC, for Viberg Boots that will have seven different models ready for purchase. You'll even be able to order custom boots. So envision your dream boot in your mind, these guys will be able to make it for you; from width, sole, and leather, you can virtually customize anything you'd want to make (or wear). The event will run daily from 12 p.m.-7 p.m., so there's more than enough time to swing through the location. Come, meet some cool dudes, talk about all things Americana, and grab yourself some boots you'll be hard-pressed to wear through. It might be the best pop-up event you'll attend this season.