Yahoo will be moving to the former New York Times building on 43rd Street across from Port Authority bus terminal where the tech company is set to expand. Currently Yahoo is discussing with city officials about putting up a huge illuminated sign wielding the company's name, kicking out the one the New York Times currently has on display. Ouch.

The move makes a pretty big statement about modern times, with tech quite literally replacing newspaper. However it also says that the company is not messing around. The also company recently acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion. In cash. How gangster is that?

Yahoo signed a long-term lease, occupying the 9th through 12th floors out of the 15-story building. They will be sharing the building with two other tenants in the tech world: software maker 10gen and local search engine Citysearch.

Yahoo’s chief executive Marissa Mayer has been making moves to bolster the company by making it rain with new ventures. However Tumblr will not feel the love: the company's 175 employees who work at 35 East 21st Street, will not be moving.

[via NY Times]