Here at Complex Art+Design, we're all about showing you that art, like music and other segments of culture, is a lifestyle. It's not just about the art market or the loads of cash it takes to participate in it, it's also about finding (and losing) love at gallery openings, realizing that design is all around us, talking about art with friends, and for some, being an art school student. Yeah, let's not forget the hopefuls who are still trying to make it in the art world, especially those enduring the public embarrassment ceremonies known as critiques (or crits) on a regular basis.

One such art student seemed a little nervous or unsure about how to present or talk about her work. After getting a few berating (and equally unclear) critiques from her teacher and classmates, this girl went HAM and smashed her painting before storming out of the classroom. We've all been there in one way or another, but this is just pure comedy. There's the moment of brooding and the calm before the storm, and then she goes in. Watch below and choose your words wisely around the art kids: