The term "Influencer" definitely gets thrown around too much these days, to the point that it's lost some of its power. Anyone can claim the title, but what really constitutes influence? When it comes to Instagram, the rules of influence are fluid, but if a dude's filtered photos are making you want to dress better, fuck with new brands and styles, and/or educating you on shit you didn't know then he is shifting your mindset and aesthetics. This is an influencer.

A big following definitely means that a dude has a large amount of authority, but followers and significant sway don't have to go hand-in-hand. Several of the people on this list provide a rare window into the world of fashion and style that people outside the industry will never see, but share this glimpse with a relatively small audience. Most importantly, the people on this list use Instagram as a vehicle to showcase their knowledge and access to an audience that hangs on their words and thoughts. If your Instagram feed is slackin', these are The Style Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram.

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