I never realized the importance of a fancy candle in keeping your interiors game extra on point until I visited a good friend’s apartment. This unnamed friend is a low-key influencer, which means he influences your favorite influencers. It’s fucking insane—one time he cut the collar off of his oxford and then, like, SEVEN people did it within a week. Can you influence an individual for every day of the week? So, anyways, I walked into his apartment and it smelled like fucking heaven. There were notes of, like, tuberose and sandalwood and angels. I commented on the bouquet of amazingness and he remarked nonchalantly, “Fancy candles, dude.” LIFE ALTERING LIGHT BULB. I went ahead and found you guys the fanciest of all fancy candles. Union doesn’t even bother telling you what this visvim candle smells like. It’s that fucking baller. This shit costs FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY EIGHT DOLLARS, but it’s not like you can be burning Yankee Candles up in this bitch.