The original Scumbag Steve image was the album cover for Ma Gangsta by rap group Beantown Mafia. Scumbag Steve was a member of the group, known as Weezy B, who wore the now famous multi-colored fitted cap for the album cover. A derivative of the image was posted to Reddit and received upwards of 8,000 votes in the Reddit's /r/trees subreddit catagory, one heavily favored by weed enthusiasts across the web.  

During its rise to popularity, a Reddit user, who identified himself as Blake Boston, claimed to be the real Scumbag Steve. In an interview, Blake admitted that his former high school Myspace picture was taken by his mother. Due to his meme popularity, Blake aka Scumbag Steve, subsequently launched a rap career, dropping a weekly song and video every "Scumbag Thursday." Whatever you do, just don't be as scummy as Steve, but enjoy these hilarious memes. 

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