22. Suitsupply

Suitsupply did for suits what Uniqlo did for basics. While we love ourselves some Isaia, the fact of the matter is, their prices are prohibitively expensive and their collections are ultimately better used as a sort of road map for how to dress than a catalog of what to buy. Suitsupply, which is actually a Dutch company, took cues from classic Neapolitan tailoring to create a clean and easy one-stop shop for guys looking to suit up while remaining fiscally responsible. Like Uniqlo, Suitsupply offers basically every variation of its signature product, meaning normal, non-baller guys (basically all of them) could have a suit that felt like it was made just for them without ponying up the dough for one. Top quality service is also a hallmark, which, combined with their disruptive business model, has made them the premiere location for affordable suits the world over.