18. Boglioli

The main things that separates Italian tailoring from, say, British or American tailoring, all have to do with their approach to fit, shoulder structure, color and wash. Where a bespoke Savile Row suit is essentially a straightjacket constructed out of durable wool with aggressive roped shoulders, an Italian suit is none of those things. Particularly, when it comes to wash, there is a certain delicate touch that the better Italian brands employ to achieve the ultimate in ease and sophistication. No brand has quite mastered the art of the wash the way Boglioli has. While its name might not have have the cache that Cucinelli or Isaia do, Boglioli stands to teach everyone in the #menswear arena a thing or two when it comes to striking the perfect balance between dressed up and dressed down. Hopefully, two years later, you can finally pronounce their name right. It's "Bowl-lee-oh-lee" btw.