It looks like Pinterest is going to become a little more risqué. The site's policy stated that users couldn't post anything that "is sexually explicit or contains nudity, partial nudity or pornography." However the site told Financial Times that artists and photographers complained that the rule was too strict. So basically if it's artful booty, you can post it.

“Pinterest is about expressing your passions and people are passionate about art and that may include nudes,” Pinterest said . “So we’re going to try to accommodate that.” That's cool.

Lots of social media sites have had a rough history with art, often censoring images. Recall the recent story about Facebook who shut down The Daily News' page for a picture of Bea Arthur topless. Trust us, nobody considers that pornographic. Yahoo also recently announced that it will not be censoring Tumblr, which is known to have lots of nekkid pics.

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[via HuffingtonPost]