New York Fashion Week turns the Big Apple into a circus for anyone with the slightest love for personal style being immortalized with Internet fame. And for first timers, it's quite the experience. But for those who live in the area or frequent it on a regular basis, the constant stream of people looking to get their photo taken while attending runway shows can be quite a nuisance. Especially if you're trying to enjoy yourself at a nearby park. A group of New Yorkers have banded together to prevent NYFW (amongst other events) from taking place at Lincoln Center. The reasoning? They want year-round access to Damrosch Park, which, they claim—in a lawsuit—that events held at Lincoln Center prevent them from doing.

While this most certainly isn't the end to NYFW, and we're not sure how far this lawsuit will go, it's always interesting to see New Yorkers express their opinions about the many annoyances in the city. Maybe there will be an all-out brawl between the bloggerazzi and peaceful park-goers? If so, can someone please street style this? Thanks.

[via The New York Times]