NASA recently released satellite photos as well as a video after the massive thunderstorms that lead to an F-4 tornado, ravaging Moore, Oklahoma with wind speeds between 166 and 200 miles per hour. The satellites helped researchers provide forecasts with constant images of the tornado.

NASA’s Aqua satellite obtained a visible-light image, providing a clear high-quality view of the storm. The NOAA GOES-13 satellite gave researchers pictures of the storm every 15 minutes and the NASA/NOAA Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership satellite monitored lightning.

Satellite images have been immensely helpful to forecasters who need constant accurate information about weather systems. The information obtained by satellite photos has saved lives by allowing researchers to make predictions ahead of natural disasters. The Goddard Space Flight Center's GOES project team compiled the images and created a brief video that appears below.

The American Red Cross of Oklahoma City has given people ways to help victims online or by phone. Sending a text to 90999 with the message REDCROSS will result in a $10 donation. Also, more satellite images can be found at the Goddard Space Flight Center Flickr. Also, NY Times has a Google Maps feature that shows the destruction on a ground level.

[via Petapixel]