San Francisco-based Mauk Design was founded by current principle Mitchell Mauk in 1986. Among many decorations and honors for his variety of design work, Mauk has recently moved into an even newer sector of design: corporate neurological research focusing on the human eye. Leave it to Mauk to not only create spectacular, relevant, and aesthetically-pleasing work, but also to rake in a few awards along the way. 

A recent convention taking place at Heidelberg Engineering shows floors that feature eight inflated vinyl "lenses" complete with a glowing layer of plexiglass, in order to protect the display and make the image of the human eye appear more life-like. Six projectors produce moving images on top of the inflatable lenses in order to demonstrate the potential progression of disease within the human eye, specifically the retina.

In creating the project, Mauk Design not only showcased the central focus of Heidelberg's corporate research, but was also recognized by Exhibitor Magazine, winning the "Exhibit Design Award" this year. That's not too shabby for a first jab at corporate neurological design. 

[via Designboom]