Tardar Sauce for President. The most famous, surliest cat in the world has transcended her realm of the Internet and is well on her way to take over the real and the art worlds. Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, a center in Huntsville, Alabama that houses artist' studios and independent businesses, has organized The Grumpy Cat Project, an online auction and art exhibition dedicated to our favorite furious feline.

To raise money for the center and fund the construction of a new playground, artists from over 30 of Lowe Mill's 100 studios got to work creating Tardar Sauce-inspired pieces, each angrier than the last. The gallery has every flavor of Grumpy Cat: stained-glass, jewelry, traditional portraits, colored chain-mail, a snowflake, and even a painted rock. You can never have too much Grumpy Cat.

Here is a sample of the work for sale. The online auction goes live May 27 and ends at 9pm on May 31. 

[via ArtInfo]

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