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Danish-Argentine collaborative art duo, Hilden & Diaz (Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz), have combined the best of both worlds: the beauty of nature and the comfort of the indoors. The Forms in Nature sculpture resembles a ball of tree branches with a light bulb at its core, so the shadows it casts resemble a forest scene on the ceiling, walls, and floor. It's the perfect marriage of the wild to the domestic, similar to the feeling of sleeping in a tree house as child (without the bugs and chilly winds).

Taken from the description on the artists' site"Interestingly, the roots are those elements of the forest that are the most visible.Thereby the sculpture is not only mirrored, but also turned upside down in Hilden & Diaz’ artwork. As the intensity of the light source increases, the room changes and the space slowly becomes more and more fascinating and unheimlich."

[via MyModernMet]